Anthroposophy, Art, and Teacher Education

Session II: The Art of Teaching Grade 8

Saturday, June 28 to Thursday July 3

Please join us for an exceptional opportunity to work with Master Teacher Pamela Giles on the vast riches of the eighth grade curriculum of a Waldorf School. In a collaborative, workshop style immersion Pamela is going to guide participants into the realm of physiology, the great revolutions, meteorology, world geography and history. Pamela’s great insight into the immediate reality of the young adolescent, her high standard and unrelenting rigor on the one hand and her deep understanding of the human being through an alive practice of Anthroposophy on the other hand make her the perfect leader for this course.

We will be joined on one day by Master Teacher Candace Christiansen for the Chemistry and Physics part of the eighth grade curriculum. Candace has taught Chemistry at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School for three decades in both the high and middle school. Her outstanding contributions to the science classroom at a Waldorf School and her deep engagement in the life of the adolescent have earned her the great admiration and respect of generations of students and her fellow teachers.

These Main Lesson courses will be accompanied by daily artistic courses in painting and drawing directly related to the eighth grade curriculum. Martina A. Müller has taught eighth grade art for fifteen years.

This course is going to equip any Waldorf Teacher headed into teaching eighth grade with deep insight, practical advice, skill development and a solid grasp on the essentials of the Art of Teaching Grade Eight.

The studio will be open until 9pm so that course participants can work on assignments and artistic projects during after-hours.

Course Leader

Pamela Giles attended Colby College, and received her Bachelors degree from Empire State College, S.U.N.Y. Albany. A Waldorf Alumna, she is a graduate of the Rudolf Steiner School, NYC and completed her apprenticeship at Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School. A Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School faculty member for over 25 years, Pamela is currently teaching her fourth class.