Anthroposophy, Art, and Teacher Education

Week III: July 9-14

Leading with Spirit: The Art of Administration and Leadership in Waldorf Schools

Session I – Principles, Roles, and Practices

with Mara White, Lisa Maher and Living with Spirit staff

This session dives into the many questions about administrative roles and responsibilities within our schools and organizations. What are the guiding principles of self-administration and how do we work with them? How do we support school health, renewal and sustainability? How do we foster leadership in the area of school life? What are the essential responsibilities of school administrators and what is their role in service to the whole? How does administration integrate with the work of the College and Board in a Waldorf school? These practical matters are viewed in the light of Anthroposophy and the important social questions that were at the heart of Rudolf Steiner’s work and deeply inform Waldorf pedagogy.


Schedule coming soon.

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