Anthroposophy, Art, and Teacher Education

Week II: June 25-30

Schedule Week II – June 25 – 30

Sunday evening

6 pm: Arrive for registration

7 pm: Orientation, announcements, and Keynote address by Marisha Plotnik

Monday – Friday 

8:20 am: Arrival and announcements

8:30 – 10:00 am: Bringing Mathematics to Life in the Classroom with Marisha Plotnik

10:30 am – 12:15 pm
Elective Classes:

  1. Math Seminar w/ Marisha Plotnik
  2. Introduction to Early Childhood Education w/ Felting Crafts w/ Andree Ward
  3. Lazure Painting – Color and Human Environments w/ Robert Logsdon and Sara Parrilli

1:15 – 5:00 pm
Artistic Electives:

  1. Meditation and Color – a Painting Workshop w/ Martina Muller
  2. Basic Wood or Stone Carving w/ Patrick Stolfo
  3. Moving through Color: Lazure Painting in the Classroom – led by Sara Parrilli


Course Descriptions

These week long courses are open to all on a full or partial day basis. While providing prime opportunities for personal renewal and professional development, participants also receive credit towards Foundation Studies Certificates of Completion and Teacher Education Diplomas.

Bringing Mathematics to Life in the Classroom

with Marisha Plotnik

Join us to experience the joy, beauty, and meaning of mathematics in Waldorf schools. Beginning with content from the middle school grades, participants will plunge into the activity of doing math together. In the process, we will experience how mathematics engenders new thoughts in us, and how we can think the thoughts of other people. Working with mathematics ourselves, from the inside-out, will allow us to see how different aspects of mathematics can create a wide variety of classroom activities, and how each of these can support the growing child in different phases of development. The early grades will be addressed according to the interest and needs of course participants.

Math Seminar

with Marisha Plotnik

Seminars will build on participants’ interests to further pursue topics in this subject area. Drawing from both geometry and arithmetic, we will find fresh ways to take up content with a special eye towards how mathematics connects and unfolds across the 6-12 grade range.

Marisha PlotnikMarisha Plotnik has been teaching physics and mathematics at the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City since 1995. A long-time high school teacher, Marisha has more recently specialized in teaching math in the middle school grades (and will confess that 6th grade is her favorite.) A graduate of the Toronto Waldorf School, she holds degrees in physics, education, and private school leadership, and her Waldorf teaching certificate from the Center for Anthroposophy. Marisha has taught, mentored, and led workshops at Waldorf schools across the country.


Introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood Education, along with simple felting projects

with Andree Ward

Using Susan Howard’s article, “The Essentials of Waldorf Early Childhood Education,” we will discuss the universal ideas behind our work with young children. Please print out your own copy of this article, which is available on the WECAN website. We will also create a few wet felting projects that are fun to make with the children.


Lazure Painting – Color and Human Environments

w/ Robert Logsdon and Sara Parrilli

Via discussions, slides and exercises we will explore the origin and application of lazure painted environments, color psychology and its healing effects, and color in relation to child development and the Waldorf classroom.

Robert Logsdon: After graduating from the Cincinnati Art Academy, living a year in Camp Hill community, and two years in England studying arts and Waldorf teacher training at Emerson College Robert  followed his calling to bring “lasur” to America. The German word, meaning glaze, was confusing in the English language so Robert researched both meaning and sound to find “Lazure”, the word now used internationally for this unique wall coloring method first developed by Rudolf Steiner. Many other artists have since learned this technique and helped to introduce it across America. Robert  teaches and Lazure paints nationally and works on paper and canvas in his studio in Lee, MA.

Meditation and Color: A Painting Workshop

w/ Martina Müller

Meditation is probably one of the most powerful self and world transformation tools. The benefits of meditation are strengthened if they lead into a painting process where they are allowed to linger much longer and resound in our soul spaces, while finding and founding a new language of artistic expression. Painting is enhanced and informed by meditation, and meditation is extended and intensified by artistic practice.

In this workshop we will work with meditative content that is paired with carefully selected color combinations that will express peace, well being, vibrancy, grace and expansion. The painting process will be guided but will leave enough room for individual exploration. New sources of creativity will be uncovered through this process. No previous experience is necessary and all materials will be provided.


Basic Wood or Stone Carving

w/ Patrick Stolfo

An introduction to the art and craft of ‘reductive’ sculpture, either in wood or stone. Project options will be selected from fundamental projects out of the Waldorf curriculum, ranging from the ‘ lassic’ hand hewn spoon, bowls, and animal shapes of the elementary grades – to the carving, rasping, and finishing of a good size piece of alabaster, as it would be taught to high school students.

Tools and materials are provided and covered in the course fee, and no previous experience is necessary.


Moving through Color: Lazure Painting in the Classroom

w/ Sara Parrilli

“Lazuring” is a painting technique used to create overlapping layers of transparent color on the walls of Waldorf classrooms and beyond. Lazure painting yields a breathable quality to the space, inviting the eye to move freely about the room. Colors are chosen in such a way that they support both the architecture of the space as well as the people and activities held within it. In the early 1900’s, Rudolf Steiner gave his first indications on lasure, the German word for “glaze,” and since then the range of pigments and materials available to create such transparent layers has greatly increased. This workshop will include a morning seminar [with special contributions from well known painter and lazurist Robert Logsdon] introducing the history, art, and techniques of lazure and afternoons of hands-on experience in painting a Waldorf classroom – an activity of dynamic teamwork and social interaction!

Sara ParrilliSara Parrilli is an artist and teacher residing in Columbia County, NY. She is currently teaching arts and crafts at the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School and is in her final year of Waldorf Teacher Training at the Alkion Center. She is an alumna of the Green Meadow Waldorf School in Spring Valley, NY, where she attended K-12. In 2004, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she received a BA in Fashion Design, Specialization Knitwear. In 2014, she completed a two-year anthroposophical painting training at the Free Columbia Art Course in Philmont, NY. Free Columbia offered an in-depth study of Rudolf Steiner’s indications on color as well as Goethean observation and color theory. Having extended her color studies into the realm of lazure, Sara has spent recent summers lazuring Waldorf interior spaces, either on her own or with Robert Logsdon, founder of ColorSpace Lazure Painting.