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Faculty member publishes two new poetry collections

HARLEMVILLE, NY – Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School and Alkion Center faculty member Eric G. Müller recently published two new poetry collections for children and adults: Pilgrim Poet – Roaming Rebel and Life Poems for My Students: Birthday and Other Verses.

Pilgrim Poet ~ Roaming Rebel is a collection of secular and sacred poems written at various historic and holy sites, or while musing in museums, strolling through nature, or enjoying a restorative respite in a café.

cover-Pilgrim Poet - Version 2Praise for Pilgrim Poet – Roaming Rebel: “One of the most common and pernicious of human experiences is the feeling of knowing that you have had an idea, some fleeting insight perhaps, but you no longer know what it was. A special moment missed. Add a few thousand of these together and we have what Coleridge calls “the lethargy of custom.” We lose hold on life if we confuse the familiar with the ordinary like this. For the reality is that we are continually surrounded by the extraordinary, though the lethargy of custom will blind us to this great fact, if we let it. An active imagination living in wakeful senses is the only way of overcoming this. Thank goodness, then, for poets like Eric G. Müller who show us how it’s done. You are holding in your hand a book which is a product of just this discipline of imaginatively grasping the fleeting moment. And it is also a demonstration of the equally great fact that any one of these moments is an entry point into the depths and heights of the human spirit. Mr. Müller never stints his attention – it is given with equal devotion to pebbles and to great works of art, and with equally tangential effects. In these poems the occasional meets the perpetual in an exhilarating dance that expresses love of life, the quirky individuality of perception and the close kinship between the pilgrim and the rebel.”

– Norman Skillen, Storyteller and Teacher, South Africa

Life_Poems_for_my_St_Cover_for_KindleLife Poems for My Students: Birthday and Other Verses is a collection of poems based on a Waldorf teacher’s experience with carrying a class through the grades with each poem focusing on an individual child. The writing of verses for children gives the teacher a unique opportunity to capture an essential characteristic of each of the students under his or her care. In our time, when so much emphasis is put on the evaluation of academic achievements, such verses offer a refreshing and imaginative opportunity to portray the individual child’s interests and capacities, which can serve as a source of strength. The themes for these poems that I wrote for my students reflect the curriculum, from fairy tales in the first grade through to Nordic, Asian, Egyptian and Greek myths, as well as the Arthurian legends in later years. May this collection of poems be an inspiration for teachers who would like to get creatively active and write verses for their children.

Both books are available for purchase at Turose Craft and Gift Shop and on Amazon.

About the Author

Eric G. Müller currently teaches English and Drama at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School’s High School. The blocks he teaches include Eschenbach’s Parzival, Goethe’s Faust, Homer’s The Odyssey, History through Music, and Comedy and Tragedy. He is a founding member of the Alkion Center and the director of its education department. Müller is also the author of eight books, including Drops of Water: Stories about Growing Up from a Father and Son, a memoir co-authored by Matthew Zanoni Müller. To learn more about Eric’s work, please visit his website.