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Paul Winter: Adventures in SoundPlay Workshop


We are very excited to welcome Paul Winter to Hawthorne Valley. His Adventures in SoundPlay workshop offers participants the experience and tools to enable you to make your own music, grow your own pieces, create your own “bands,” and for you to BE as music in your life, resonant with your world, confident of the song that is you. The process strengthens your appetite for adventure in life and gives you confidence to pursue your dreams. It awakens a quality of aliveness to ourselves and our environment.

This workshop is for anyone who has an interest in self-expression. These adventures are intended to offer liberating experiences for the shyest person, who may have been told in the 4th grade that they “couldn’t carry a tune in a paper bag,” as well as for the classically-trained musician who has yearned to play freely without direction from a printed page. Adventures in SoundPlay is based on the premise that all people have a well-spring of music with them, and that the expression of this music can be easily brought forth through a shared experience in music-making. THERE WILL BE NO AUDIENCE: everyone present will be a participant; no spectators. THIS IS NOT A MASTER CLASS. The goal is to get clues toward mastering your own unique musical offering for yourself and/or for the world. ABOVE ALL, IT’S FUN! ALL INSTRUMENTS AND VOICES ARE WELCOME. It is Paul’s fond hope is that we will have players from all the orchestral families – strings, double-reeds, single reeds, brass, percussion, keyboards, voices, as well as ethnic world music instruments.

About Paul Winter: Paul Winter’s musical realm has long embraced the traditions of the world’s cultures, as well as the extraordinary voices of what he refers to as “the greater symphony of the Earth.” His concert tours and recording expeditions have taken him to thirty-seven countries and to wilderness areas on six continents, into which he has traveled on rafts, mules, dog sleds, horses, kayaks, sailboats, steamers, tug-boats and Land Rovers. Since 1980, Paul and the Consort have been artists-in-residence at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC, where they have presented over 100 special events, including annual Winter and Summer Solstice Celebrations, Carnival for the Rainforest, and their ecological mass, Missa Gaia/Earth Mass, which is performed annually each October as part of the Feast of St. Francis.


Suggested donation levels: $25 Individual/$50 family/$10 students & farmers. To read more about the workshop, click here to visit the Paul Winter website

When: Fri, May 22 @ 6 to 9pm
Cost: $25 individual/$50 families/$10 students & farmers
Where: Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School
330 County Route 21C
Ghent, NY 12075