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Anthroposophy, Art, and Teacher Education


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Summer Course Weeks, 2018

Week I –  June 17 – 22

The History of Human Consciousness through Art   w/ Patrick Stolfo

Veil Painting, Clay Sculpture, Eurythmy, Nature Stories and Eurythmy

Week II –  June 24 – 29

Arts Immersions – Stone Carving, Meditation & Color [Painting] …..

Week III  – July 18 – 22

Leading with Spirit: Waldorf School Leadership and Administration

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The Alkion Center is also recognized by the International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education – IASWECE.

img_0968 IMG_0994 aft_7612post Landscape, Peter Sheen aft_7708post alkion_2012_9 IMG_1435 IMG_3705 Elia Gilbert and family look over her work Rebecca Morrison received her certificate for a 3 year sculpture training Rebecca Morrison abstact relief