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Anthroposophy, Art, and Teacher Education


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Summer Intensive Courses 2016

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Week I – June 19 to 24

Evolution of Human Consciousness through Art
w/ Patrick Stolfo
An Introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood Ed.
Veil Painting / Eurythmy / Modeling the Human Head in Clay

Week II – June 26 to July 1

Bringing History to Life and Its Role in the Waldorf Curriculum
w/ Karl Schurman
Creative Writing / History Seminar / Nature Stories and Eurythmy for Early Childhood /
Metalworking / Painting / Sculpture

Week III – July 3 to 8

Leading with Spirit: The Art of Administration and Leadership in Waldorf Schools, Session III – Principles, Roles, and Practices
w/ Marti Stewart, Mara White, Christopher Schaefer

The Alkion Center for Adult Education offers Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy, Waldorf Teacher Training, visual arts courses and various workshops through the year. Grounded in the path of inner development outlined by Rudolf Steiner, these offerings strive to awaken the individual to the working of the spirit in the human being, nature, and society. We enjoy 400 acres of surrounding Biodynamic farmland and are part of a vital community of educational, artistic, economic, and therapeutic initiatives that comprise Hawthorne Valley Association. Great natural beauty and diversity of initiative create an ideal setting for studies related to personal and social development, the arts, and education for all ages. We welcome you to join us in these pursuits!

The Alkion Center is recognized by the International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education, IASWECE, as well as:


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